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Bassoctopus Records is a North East based an independent record company, specialising in releasing music from musicians with real individuality, flair and song writing ability.

We run our own recording studios and write, record and produce for ourselves and other artists.

Our latest release is our own band 300ft Gorilla who's new album, Icarus Wings, creates a sound which will appeal to fans of rock, metal, soul and funk. Influences of the band range from Prince to Alice in Chains and all things in between.


Press from Previous Releases

For a four-piece, they create an incredible amount of noise and energy; far from being overwhelming, it's exciting and vibrant. As well as being great musicians, having fantastic songs and sounding incredibly professional, they still somehow manage to add up to more than the sum of their parts....It's rare to come across something that isn't just promising but has already musically arrived, and is just waiting to make its mark. It's even rarer when a reviewer actually imports an album into their own personal iTunes... Sound on Sound - Aug 2013
By combining elements of King's X, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Living Colour, the UK-based quartet 300ft Gorilla returns with a new EP and a new vocalist. 300ft Gorilla ups the funk factor on these four songs, with "Mr. Raspberry is Dead" and "Stay Awake" coming closest to Living Colour's classic sound, circa Vivid and Time's Up. These guys don't monkey around: You can hear the raw energy that courses through the veins of this 300ft Gorilla, and the band crunches in all the right places. Paul Hindmarsh's frenzied fretwork, in particular, is all over this thing. Better Life is not as diverse as 2007's debut, Gorilla Tactics, but at a mere 17 minutes, it's nowhere near as long. The EP does, however, hint that better things are indeed on the way… Sea of Tranquility
Taking their cues equally from the fat arsed-riffage of grunge, the shimmying alternative rock of Jane's Addiction and the slap happy funk of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Newcastle quintet 300ft Gorilla throw their grab bag of influences into a blender, whir it up then throw the lot at the wall to see what sticks. They have the ability to mix and match pummelling grooves with easy hooks to impressive effect. Kerrang Magazine
300ft Gorilla are a rock band from Newcastle whose album showcases a range of styles, covering pretty much every sub-genre of rock. The simple vocal melodies work well against busy guitar riffs on tracks like 'Is Over', and there's enough attitude in the music to make the radio-friendly hooks palatable to all but the most die-hard rock fans. They play very well and, importantly, they've got a knack for turning good riffs and melodies into good songs. They pull it off well, and the punchy-but-not-too-polished production certainly does them justice. Sound on Sound - CD of the Month.
This is the debut album from 300ft Gorilla, although according to the press release, they've been around for 10 years. Still, better late than never. The play hard rock with a funk influence, but not as overt as the likes of the Chilli Peppers. The overall sound is very much funk tinged melodic rock, something you don't hear every day, and it works well. The songwriting is very good, the stronger songs being the more up-tempo ones like 'King' and 'Holiday'. Powerplay Magazine


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